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Department and Covid Health & Safety Reps

Department Reps perform vital roles within departments and form an essential link between committee and members.  The UCU website useful about the role of the DepRep.

We are looking for new Dep Reps and aim to have one in every academic and service department.  The role is a good way to cement relationships with colleagues.  Dep Reps are eligible for funded training.  Dep Reps are not asked to represent members with management as the union has trained caseworkers to do this.

There is also the new role of Covid H&S Rep.  These Reps monitor the risks to staff during working from home and return to campus.

Department Reps are:
Chemistry/Biochemistry – Georg Mehl (
Engineering – Phil Langley (
English, Creative Writing and American Studies – Michael Farrelly (
Languages – Janine Kopp (
Politics – Raphael Cohen-Almagor (
School of Arts – Laura Mayne (
Sports Science – Andrew Simpson ( and Grant Abt (
Teaching and Excellence Academy – Graham Scott (
Fixed Term Contracts – Stefan Ramsden (

Covid H&S Reps are:
Biomedical Sciences  Covid H&S Rep – Leonid Nikitenko (
Business School and Covid H&S Rep – Keshab Bhattarai (
History Covid H&S Rep – Catherine Baker (

Some things that a Dep Rep could do include:

  • Put up UCU posters on your office door or in agreed places in your work area.
  • Distribute leaflets around your common rooms, leave them on common areas like tables, distribute them around your colleagues’ offices.
  • Get a list of members from your committee and pass on local branch messages to members.
  • Encourage members to participate in local ballots, local elections and in UCU’s national ballots and elections.
  • Pass on UCU branch emails to all your colleagues, whether they are members or not, suggesting that they read them and encouraging them to join, especially using the online joining link.
  • Pass on important national UCU emails to your colleagues, again, encouraging them to read them and to consider joining.
  • Encourage members to contact you if there are problems in your work area that the branch needs to know about.
  • Hold meetings in your immediate work areas to discuss local issues and feed back to your branch committee.
  • Identify non-members in your immediate work area and talk to your reps or branch about the best way of recruiting them.

Useful tips and information for our reps

 The following links provide information and advice about their role, UCU training, and details of meetings for reps.

Recruitment tips and materials:

UCU training

Unionlearn with the TUC