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Ballot Results on Return to Campus Motion

Dear Members,

at the last informal Branch meeting a motion was drafted and an online ballot was held to determine its level of support from members.  The motion was:

Hull UCU is adopting the National UCU position: no default face-to-face teaching in line with scientific advice from Independent SAGE and SAGE recommendations. UCU Hull supports a default position that all HE teaching provision, consistently across all Faculties, should be through online/remote means except where this is practically impossible (e.g. for laboratory-based teaching and courses with practical elements such as some courses in the arts, the sciences, and clinical courses). Where face-to-face teaching is unavoidable, measures should be in place to create Covid-safe university settings through the measures set out in the Independent SAGE and SAGE reports and summarised in UCU’s (national) position statement.
The results of the ballot are as follow – 96 members voted (not bad considering workload and strain members are under)
Do you support this motion?
Yes = 85 votes (89%) of voters
No = 11 votes (11%)

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