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November, 2020:

Claim Your Tax Reliefs

There are several tax relief schemes that are likely to be of benefit to some members.  The paragraphs below introduce two schemes that you could consider.

Working From Home Tax Relief
If you have worked from home due to Covid, even for only one day this year, then you can claim a tax relief worth up to £125.  Some members have done this and report that the process takes about 10 minutes and is easy, especially if you already have a Government Gateway account.  This is an article about the tax relief and this is a link to the HMRC site to make the claim. 

Transfer Tax Free Allowance to a Partner

The marriage Allowance applies to married couples or those in civil partnerships.  If one partner earns less than their tax free personal allowance (about £12500 this year depending on circumstances) then they may be able to transfer some of their personal allowance to their partner.  This can save the partner up to £250 a year.  It is easy to apply here .