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Change to Timetabled Hours

Dear Members,
Last week we held a Branch meeting to address the changes to teaching that have been proposed by management. There was widespread concern on the management’s plan to timetable teaching from 9am – 8pm for specialist spaces, and from 9am – 9pm for generic spaces, Monday to Friday, excluding Wednesday afternoons (from 1pm).
The UCU committee did ask to negotiate on this change to the timetable, but we were refused on the grounds that the Supplementary Terms and Conditions for Academic Staff, states the following:
“The normal hours of work are not specified but are those which are necessary to carry out the responsibilities and duties associated with the post.”
The UCU committee contends that custom and practice is that teaching takes place between 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and our employer’s plan to significantly extend the teaching timetable is a significant change to our working conditions.
At the branch meeting members raised a number of concerns ranging from work/life balance, impact on those with caring responsibilities, and the safety of those travelling at home late at night. Members expressed disappointment that the management sought to impose this change to their working conditions rather than taking a collegial approach given that the reason for the change relates to the health and safety of staff and students.
At the meeting it was agreed to poll the wider membership on the change in timetabled teaching.  This survey will be sent to members in the next few days.

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